The THRIVE course

The course is run in a friendly, fun and non-judgemental environment.  It is brimming with the vital

information and support that you need to take control of your health.  In addition to your group education sessions you will receive regular information and material to add to your Thrive folder as well as a Thrive

recipe book to help you on your way.  There is also the opportunity to sample some of the delicious snacks and recipes at each session.




  • A health crisis? Are we all just lazy & eat too much

  • A look at what are & what causes poor metabolic health, obesity, metabolic syndrome, prediabetes & type 2 diabetes.

  • The complications of poor metabolic health, prediabetes & diabetes

  • Health markers explained

  • Introduction to a food diary & how to use it.

  • The psychology of change & the difficulties faced when making sustainable lifestyle changes.

  • Dietary macronutrients

  • Different dietary approaches and their advantages & disadvantages

  • The Glycaemic Index & Glycaemic load

  • Identifying carbohydrate in foods

  • Making a start with dietary changes

  • Food substitutions

  • Continuing with the theme of transition & change

  • Top tips & possible side effects

  • Alcohol on a low carb diet

  • What about sweeteners & supplements?

  • Counting carbs

  • Recipes & meal plans

  • Different types of fat and how they are found in real foods. Why they have been demonized

  • The role & importance of cholesterol

  • What causes heart attacks & strokes?

  • Making it work, resistance to change, how preconceived ideas & beliefs hinder us

  • Using a glucose meter

  • The health benefits of physical activity

  • Why do we overeat & eat the wrong things?

  • The psychology of over-eating

  • “Why am I not losing weight?”

  • The importance of sleep & reducing stress

  • Preventing & dealing with relapse.

  • Looking ahead & the importance of ongoing support

The programme consists of a 1:1 consultation followed by seven 2- hour group sessions (7-9pm) all on Tuesday evenings over the course of approx. 10 weeks.  It includes supervision from three experienced health professionals plus an information pack and recipe book that supports the programme.  Following completion of the course we offer ongoing support in the form of a monthly meeting. There is no extra charge for this.


VENUE: Redbourn Parish Centre, Conference Room


Dates of next course:   2021 October 12th,19th,26th, Nov 2nd,16th,30th, Dec 14th

COST: £350  in total. A deposit of £150 to reserve a place and then £200 when the course starts.