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Diane Watson MCSP, HCPC

I lead the dedicated and talented Thrive team. I've always been passionate about using sustainable lifestyle changes in my work as a physiotherapist and developed a particular interest in preventing and reversing type 2 diabetes because of a high incidence of the condition in my family, which puts me at an increased risk of developing it. I have transformed my own health by making sustainable lifestyle changes over the past 8 years and this motivated me to develop the Thrive Lifestyle Programme to help others do the same. 

I also work on a voluntary basis as an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration (PHC) a charity that is dedicated to informing healthcare professionals and the public in health decisions.


I qualified as a physiotherapist 35 years ago and have extensive experience in both the NHS and private practice. I have worked in many specialities including musculoskeletal disorders , sports injuries, cardiology & joint surgery. I derive great satisfaction from treating all my clients holistically, with evidence-informed practice. I currently works in private practice at Redbourn Physiotherapy.

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Diane Watson

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Lois Tirrell BSc (hons) RD

I am a dietitian that provides specialist knowledge and advice on diet and lifestyle during the Thrive course.  I'm passionate about promoting health through nutrition and have a specific interest in reversing and preventing diabetes through dietary changes.

After graduating with a first class honours degree in dietetics I worked with the gastroenterology team at Addenbrookes and gained specialist knowledge in a variety of digestive disorders whilst expanding my experience of advising clients on a wide range of nutritional issues such as diabetes and weight management, food allergies/intolerances, and specialised diets.

In addition to Thrive, I conduct 1:1 dietetic consultations in Hitchin and I am involved in various other projects including SPRINTT, a research project  in Bedfordshire focusing on reducing sarcopenia and frailty in the elderly.

I pride myself in taking a holistic and compassionate approach with clients, using evidence based practice to provide individualised and detailed dietary advice to optimise wellbeing through nutrition.

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Lois Tirrell

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Sarah Leonard BSc Psychology, Dip Cog Hyp, Master Prac NLP

I have worked as a  Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach for over 12 years and run a successful practice in Hertfordshire. 

I really enjoy helping people to connect with their inner resilience and innate potential so that that can break away from limiting beliefs and start to live the lives that they'd be happiest living now. 

I love the holistic approach that the Thrive Lifestyle Programme offers and the recognition that we are all motivated to change in different ways and at different paces. 

I have always been interested in the mind body connection and after completing a BSc In Psychology I went onto study Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NPL, EFT, EMI and a number of other change modalities. I keep up to date with the latest science and research which is developing all the time. 

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Sarah Leonard